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Traffic-related deaths

Traffic-related deaths on the rise during COVID-19 lockdown

Despite fewer drivers on the road, a study by the National Safety Council shows that through the first three months of 2020, Texas experienced a 6% increase in the number of traffic-related deaths.  This recent increase of traffic fatalities in … Continue reading

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What is mediation?

During the litigation process, in many instances, you will have a discussion with your lawyer about resolution of your dispute. Prior to trial, many litigants find it beneficial to attend mediation. Mediation is a formal, non-binding, settlement negotiation which is … Continue reading

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commercial trucking accidents

Commercial Trucking Accidents

All accidents are scary and traumatic events which can result in life-threatening injuries.  When hit by a commercial vehicle, such as an 18-wheeler; however, the chance of sustaining catastrophic injuries is compounded. Commercial trucking accidents not only result in catastrophic … Continue reading

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Why file for personal injury?

Often after an accident, life is never the same.  Whether the injuries suffered are physical, mental, or emotional, scars remain.  As such, many people are reluctant to hire a personal injury attorney to either file a claim on their behalf … Continue reading

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