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The Lawyers at the Ted Smith Law Group, PLLC provide quality service in a variety of legal areas throughout Greater Fort Hood and surrounding communities. We offer you the personalized attention that you deserve from our friendly and knowledgeable staff to our experienced attorneys.

The Ted Smith Law Group, PLLC has forged many alliances across its long history, and we will use all the tools at our disposal to earn the settlement or justice you seek.

Upon taking your divorce, family law, personal injury, bankruptcy, social security disability or criminal defense case, our attorneys and staff are active in understanding and establishing your case. Our lawyers take a strategic approach in understanding your desires and needs, analyzing and evaluating the evidence and witnesses, and all the circumstances surrounding your scenario. We then form a sound strategy for your case. Please contact the Ted Smith Law Group today for an initial consultation with a lawyer. You can turn to our firm with confidence.

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Family Law

Our family practice encompasses a variety of divorce , military divorce and non-divorce issues, including child custody and support, adoptions and premarital agreements. We tend to encourage our divorce clients to try and come to an agreed solution for both parties. Doing so reduces your costs and speeds resolution. However, if necessary, we are going to take your case to trial, and you'll be assured of aggressive representation.

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Personal Injury

The lawyers at the Ted Smith Law Group offer injured people compassionate and effective legal representation. We represent and care about clients who have been hurt and injured in car accidents, truck wrecks, motorcycle accidents and other types of accidents. When the negligence of another person has you incurring expensive medical bills, facing lost wages, and experiencing pain and suffering, you need an attorney that will secure a fair and reasonable settlement that makes you whole. We have helped many of our clients receive compensation while holding those negligent accountable.

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Social Security Disability

Have you applied for Social Security Disability and been denied? If so, you can appeal your social security disability claim. That said, attempting to handle your own appeal can leave you frustrated and feeling helpless. The SSDI lawyers at Ted Smith Law Group, PLLC, have experience that can help you get the Social Security Benefits you deserve. You want to work, you want to retire. But sometimes unexpected things happen and you need that Social Security Benefit now, not when you reach retirement age. Let our Social Security Attorneys help you.

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In the past few years the global and particularly the U.S. economy has caused a dramatic increase in unemployment, home foreclosures, and stifled wage increases. All of this has conspired to put more families on the edge of a financial crisis. The slightest upset will devastate a family's finances, leaving them with few alternatives. We will assist you in obtaining relief from credit card debt and other debt through Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing. Bankruptcy could be a legitimate tool for people and families to rebuild their lives, that have been damaged typically through no fault of their own. There's no shame in bankruptcy, but rather a chance to start again.

Our Latest Blog Posts

Federal Judge Rules Texas Marriage Ban Unconstitutional

Federal Judge Rules Texas Marriage Protection Ban Unconstitutional On February 26, 2014, the Honorable Orlando Garcia, judge of the San Antonio Division of the United States District Court for the Western District of Texas, issued a controversial injunction in a civil case challenging Article I Section 32 of the Texas Constitution, which specifically defines marriage as exclusively being between a man and a woman and forbids the State of Texas or any local governments therein from recognizing foreign marriages not between a naturally born male and a naturally born female. While that injunction stayed the effectiveness of the judge’s ruling, the court issued a declaratory judgment as part of the order that further complicates the ongoing battle between states’ rights and gay rights. It is well established in Constitutional law that marriage is a fundamental right. That means that marriage laws are subject to strict scrutiny by the United States Supreme Court, and the government must have a compelling interest when regulating that right. This is extended to state and local governments through the equal protection provisions of the Fourteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. In the forgoing case, De Leon, et. al. v. Perry, et. al., the State of Texas did not dispute that marriage is a fundamental right but, rather, that the State of Texas had a compelling interest in limiting the definition of marriage and excluding that right to citizens of certain “classes.” A protected class of citizens under the U.S. Constitution is a group of citizens who share a characteristic that is subject to strict constitutional protection. Through the influence of various civil rights movements, those classes have evolved in recent history to include race, ethnicity, gender, religion, age and disability. In essence, Judge Garcia’s order has the effect of adding sexual orientation to that group of established protected classes. Of course, the ruling is not only controversial for its perceived moral and political ramifications, but also for its perceived legal ramifications, as it not only changes the law, but also seems to reinforce more recent legal movements changing who defines the law. Historically, the creation of law, including the definitions thereof, has been a power limited to the people through direct constitutional amendment and/or the enumerated powers of legislative branch of government. But, Judge Garcia’s injunction could also be seen as the Court’s assertion that the power to legislate and define the law itself, including the definition of protected classes, is available to the judicial branch of government through orders issued by the nation’s highest court. The State of Texas filed an appeal with the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit shortly after the Court released its order.   Read More

Social Security Disability – The Journey

Killeen Social Security Disability Lawyers The journey into Social Security Disability can be very daunting, especially for one who is suffering from a condition that keeps him/her from working.   The first step in the process is to make the Social Security Disability Application.  You can do this in person at your local social security office or on-line at www.ssa.gov.  This process takes some time to complete.  There are people at the social security office who can assist you. (If you get totally lost, call our office and we will be happy to help.) Once you make application, the social security office will review your earnings record to see if you qualify for benefits.  If you qualify, an agency of the state will review your medical records and render an opinion concerning your eligibility for disability benefits.  If you are awarded social security benefits at this stage of the process, congratulations, you are done! If, however, as with many applicants, you are turned down for Social Security Disability Benefits at this point, you can file for reconsideration and, should that not work, you can request a hearing before an impartial administrative law judge.  This process can take up to 18 months from application until you are scheduled for a hearing. The reconsideration/appeal process is governed by various federal statutes and regulations which can be very confusing.  The law does provide you with the opportunity to be represented and provides for a method of compensating your representative, but only if you are successful in your reconsideration or appeal. If you find yourself facing the need for a representative to be your advocate in a social security disability matter, please call our office and let us explain how we can help you.  Our phone number is (254)690-5688. You can also visit our web site at www.tedsmithlawgroup.com.  We look forward to meeting with you.     Read More